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exploding hearts paint
orange weeping skies to arise
the ghost of a soul

Random Side Notes I haven't taken any college courses for art. In high school I did take a few art classes but none for computer graphics. So, pretty much everything I do on photoshop is self taught. I constantly read How-to's, tutorials, watch youtube videos to try and learn new techniques. I prefer traditional art but I love to do photomanipulations. Some day, though, I will go to school for art and writing. A goal would be to write my own novels as well as write and illustrate my own books and covers.

Below Is some art from the dominant sections of my gallery. These are pieces I feel are some of my stronger works, I feel fairly confident and proud of them.


Purple Lotus Belle by ttbloodlustttWitcher.Geralt by ttbloodlusttt
Life Stealer by ttbloodlustttred phoenix burning by ttbloodlustttFly.Away.On.A.Sunny.Day. by ttbloodlustttIn a Pool of Red by ttbloodlustttGlitterdusted Angel by ttbloodlustttBloodyEye by ttbloodlustttDeath.Rides.the.Red.Tide by ttbloodlustttSilverConsumption by ttbloodlustttWebs by ttbloodlustttGreen.With.Envy by ttbloodlusttt
Traditional Drawings

Your Still Beating Heart by ttbloodlustttPlug Me In... by ttbloodlusttt
Trip by ttbloodlustttThe Witch Commands You by ttbloodlustttSkull in Hand by ttbloodlustttShaman by ttbloodlustttLucas_Neyna_OC_BlackWebs by ttbloodlustttPondering Wickedness by ttbloodlustttA Rose... by ttbloodlustttWho Cares About Hearing. by ttbloodlustttBandit Dreamer Traced by ttbloodlustttJessie J by ttbloodlustttSea.Me.Plz. by ttbloodlusttt
Digital Painting/Vector

Abjection by ttbloodlustttI  Found You by ttbloodlusttt
ScreamingDreams (w Vid link) by ttbloodlustttMark.The Unseen by ttbloodlusttt
The Sanguine of Longing (w/Vid link) by ttbloodlustttBleeding.Evil. by ttbloodlustttKazuki Fuchoin Threadmaster by ttbloodlustttGreenFace by ttbloodlustttSmoking Gun by ttbloodlustttSweet Lavender Gaze by ttbloodlustttLucas1_OC by ttbloodlustttCrimson.Demon by ttbloodlustttDivinity by ttbloodlustttFan/Rememberance Night Elf Priest by ttbloodlusttt

DidSomeoneSayParty by ttbloodlusttt

Red Hot Razorblades by ttbloodlustttBarbedFire by ttbloodlustttNothing Gold Must Stay by ttbloodlustttmyfavegradient by ttbloodlustttSexyHole by ttbloodlustttIn My Flames by ttbloodlusttt

I want to draw more Neyna and Lucas. What should they be doing? (They are vampires, mind you) 

3 deviants said Something with a background - @_@ (tired of seeing them in the middle of nowhere? me too)
3 deviants said I have no clue. Who is Neyna and Lucas? I clicked this because I've spent 3 seconds in your gallery..
2 deviants said Feeding (If you have a suggestion as to which way they should feed and on whom, plz feel free to comment)
2 deviants said Getting naked (for one reason or another)
2 deviants said Stalking the night (for one reason or another)
2 deviants said I just wanna see Neyna's mouth of fangs.
1 deviant said Tormenting one another, or others (:D feel free to suggest)
1 deviant said Hopelessly romantic pose? (lol - yes they are in love, yes this would be viable - yes, they are okay with this. I've asked them.)
No deviants said Utilizing their powerful abilities (battling others - feel free to suggest)
No deviants said Plz, more Lucas (suit? naked? half naked? street clothes? (rare))


wipty - updipity by ttbloodlusttt
wipty - updipity
 So, I've been not making art for many many reasons, or it has been few and far between for the last year or so. Why? Well, because I moved back to the US from Canada and have been trying to get my life back together. I found a stable job. Now I am moving into my own place and come January I'll have finished an entire year of school. It's been busy for me. I've been fighting depression, though I am staying with my mom it isn't an ideal situation and I definitely need my own space, which I will have in a few days- finally.

At work is where I have time occasionally to doodle so I have been taking the opportunity, assuming I don't have course work to do, and this is one of the few drawings that have come close to completion in the last few months. I will eventually finish it but here's a peek.

Once I'm able to set up my desktop easel and make a workspace for my art alone (finally be able to use the lovely drawing set that was gifted me) I will produce a lot more art. At least that is what I hope to do.

Thanks to those who remain loyal and sweet to me.

You Stole From Me
Angela Malzow 2014

I'll devour the spirits, and fill up the spaces
Devoid of life, I lost the faces
It's what you siphon from me, leaving me tired
To echo the loneliness of a love inspired

Why did you say it, the words that addicted me
To your shadow, to the hollow of impossible dreams
Keep digging, keep what you find
Until you leave, left me behind

I'll uncross my fingers and mean it this time
Say you'll stay and say you'll be mine
Yet, unspoken and it beguiles
A love you left upon me, it defiles

I hate this and I hate you
With all the love you arouse
I hate the distance and I hate the silence
But you make me smile and you make me proud
To be such a fool, to be so sick
So careless and infected
My black spots are showing
The tokens of one defected
Yes, I'll tell them you're my plague
Toying with a sanity I no longer maintain
Feeding my passion, drinking my rage
A nectar writing your next refrain

All I ask, I'll say what I please and inhale
The dust of an echo; distilled, wrecked, derailed
I confess, it was me hiding in your shadow
Bleeding distress, to keep what you stole

So I'll pour the spirits over my wanting tongue
To warm the chill away from my aching bones
The bitter taste, and you're the only one
Lining my heart with gravestones
Every second that you're gone
I'll feed the monster so it grows
If it feels right, then I'll know it's wrong
And when you return to find me dethroned
The humanity that I once possessed
Sloughed away to leave me exposed
Peeling away your gaze, a soul undressed
You become the quick, embrace the slow
Of my heart throbbing an intensity you never knew
Coating your hands a crimson smile
The last moment of utterly brutal truth
I was incapable of loving beyond you

You murdered me
And I forgive
Steal away into the night
With the tattered pieces of my useless life
Make pretty pictures
With what you collect
Supplement my worth
Toward your debts
Make wishes upon my bones
Eat the flesh as you burrow
Deeper still to finish me off
Until the plague that I was
Infects others with your final cough

Where you are
Look at the stars
Now we're together
Though we're miles apart
If you die, I'll die as well
If you smile, you'll drag us to Hell
And as we tumble down, into the darkness
Find my embrace, so completely heartless
Torment consumes, and you can keep what you stole
You'll still pay, from your chest I'll carve my toll

Did I tell you how much I love you?
Smells Of Rot In This Lonely Room
Angela Malzow 2014

Haunt my bones
Ride the rime of my breath
Divide my innards and keep warm
In the sinew left from my death
A release of chaotic screeches
Writing on the misshapen plains
With my ravenous leeches
Keep a souvenir of your pretty face
In my collection
A vast mess of teeth and skin
You're my unique selection
Chances of escape are slim
I'll spend my hours sharpening blades
Days petting the hungry steel
The world tilts sideways
As a glinting nightmare becomes very real
My tongue seeks
The glistening tears
Winding down your cheeks
Reflecting all your fears
I'll spend hours dismembering
Chopping away your uselessness
The empty role you reprise
As your limbs I'm reassembling
My bare form a reminder
Of nights spent cradled and meshed
Fingertips devoid of affection, find her
Naked form sticky and defleshed
Break down and weep
Over corpse nothing, corpse me
Bloodied by apathy
Weaken, seethe
Corpse free
Fools Of A Different Color
Angela Malzow 2014

There was a need
A fathomless greed
That swept us away in a tidal wind
Ate us up with its wicked grin
We screamed and clawed
At windy walls irresponsibly flawed
Until the morning sun met an eclipse
A baleful snip at wings clipped
Moaning of improper deeds
Finding suffering instead of relief
As lifeless fingertips carve inky paths
Down the bleached span of an aching back
How innocent we never were
What dark remnants we incur
A whisper to shoot through my veins
Liquid passion, burgundy and insane
Ubiquitous, this grim face and fate
Trudging in time to their prorate
We've seen the result of a flawed mission
Listened to our maniacal laughter begin
Allowed a manifestation of guilt and sin
Yet broke the moment we sparked within
There was no need great enough to sate
No significant greed to instigate
So we blew scalding words from charcoal lips
Until the hurricane took its ruthless grip
I begged you to wrap me up tight
Envelop me within your corrupted insight
With abandon in your ever darkening gaze
You left my emotions to be cruelly razed
A vessel was left to fill and pour
Housing a beaten, leaded core
We fell under a feather weight
So lost
So hollow
Too late

We succumbed to the need
Drowned ourselves in the shrapnel of greed
It tore away our breath, our soul
Left us shells, too vain to grow old

My Sweet Somebodies, A Space

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 1:56 AM

:iconzawart: Magda by ZawArt

:iconalmanegra:Viral Being E.C. by AlMaNeGrA

:iconluminaryhalo: Reefrange Overseer by LuminaryHalo

:iconmschot462:  Gandalf the Gray by mschot462

:icondanktat: Broken face by danktat

:iconartofant: Vamped by ARTofANT

:iconnavate: Hook by navate

:iconjohnnymendoza95: sound by johnnymendoza95

:iconartsy50: It's a Lion... by Artsy50

:iconmffugabriel: Mind over Matter by mffugabriel

:iconhaste-malaise: Dripback by Haste-Malaise

:iconpale-recluse: Sad Kitty by Pale-Recluse

Aug 28th 2013

+My Youtube
+My NewGrounds

Step forward
Accept my place
Face my role
Do not take from
Me the ground
I stand on
For it shall
No doubt mean
That I face

I'd like to take a moment to note a few individuals
that have had a profound affect on my life and
development as a person. In two months I have reached
well beyond the limitations I had unknowingly
placed upon myself. If ever I could say that I have friends,
these few transcend that simple word. They grace me
with their presence and I am awe struck. If any deserved
to devour my still beating heart, it would be these who I
admire and grow to adore.

Someone who manages to keep a smile on my face for the better part of
every single day. I admire him as a writer because of the amazing tales he
weaves with ease, and I am stunned by his artistic exploration that still
humbles me by the ease in which he produces such lovely work..
Never have I met such a chivalrous and selfless person as he.
My day wouldn't be the same without exchanging at least a few words with him
which always seem to put the breath back in my lungs. He is truly a hero
with the fiercest of hugs and deserves far more than he currently receives.

My personal favorites:
Eye Of The Universe by SolidMars
Fairytale PrinceSometimes I wonder,
if you really love me?
The awkward, moody guy,
the jealous one,
who loves his morning coffee,
sometimes, a lot more than you.
I promised I'd kidnap you, 
so we'd always stay together, 
though, I own nothing but my day's pay. 
I still promised you a cozy hut,
hidden in a mountain, 
a worn out fireplace, and a warm bed, 
candles to light our nights
and wine that'd last for decades.
I promised you a snowy morning, 
and a kiss under the mistletoe, 
Yet I lied, and called you my princess, 
though I am no prince at all. 
Escaping Father I"Whoever brings her to my feet will be my new right hand!" 
Her heart sunk at the words, her gaze shifting between the man who spoke and the knights who were also looking at him in a state of pure shock. 
"You heard me, what are you waiting for?" he said again, pointing his finger at her. They weren't that far apart, her horse only a few feet ahead of his as they moved through the forest, enjoying a normal hunting trip, or so she had thought. 
"Father, you can't be serious," she muttered, nudging her horse to move further away from him. "I don't understand father, am I not your only heir?"
He didn't answer, merely stared at her, his fingers trailing the diamond hilt of his sword, a dark smirk crossing his lips. 
"Run!" she yelled at the horse, dashing through the forest, trying to escape the knights who gave chase. The sun slowly disappeared as she entered the darker parts of foliage. The low branches scraped at her face and clung to her cloak as she plunged deeper
The Pale MouseI.
Red shades,
fading bullets,
fire in the distance.
You're in a city and 
I am in another
a foreign feeling
washed through my heart.
Twelve hours in silence,
No power, no phones.
A daily ritual to live through;
I'd stay on the balcony
counting minutes till one,
of your voice, your laughter, and
the thousand roses i smell in your hair.
Soldiers marching, 
you're so scared
windows are sealed, 
the doors are locked.
another bullet rings
another wave of blood.
Curling in the darkness,
under the bed
dying for a drink yet,
you refuse to get up.
I promised i'd be there,
waiting on the other side
of a telephone line.
I told you the tale
of a small pale mouse, 
cleaning her house.
she found a shiny
gold coin and
danced to joy.
You laughed,
there was no more fear.
Did you get a drink?
you protested, 
asking what happened
to the mouse.
It's simple, 
you are my pretty pale m


Hg123 by ttbloodlustttHeartgrinder
I hadn't been to NewGrounds in a decade or so but SolidMars told
me to head there to see if I could solve my music blight. I scoffed.
Once I got there I went straight for Electronic- Industrial and clicked
TheHeartgrinder because the name drew my attention above all others.
What happened afterward I can only describe as the most unifying
experience of my life. Not only did I find his music completely
entertaining but I also discovered that he was one of the few talented
people who took the time to reply, in depth, back to me. I think we both
wow'd one another. I am extremely inspired by him, and more. Not to
mention how completely envious I am of his ability to doodle with a
sharpie. There are no words sometimes so I simply drool, grin, and nod.

Some tracks that are my personal favs:
Forgive Not
The Great Charlatan
Grave Digger
Failure and its Apprentice

This extremely well worded man stumbled upon me and refused
to leave me to my own devices and vices. Commenting on my
literature so frequently he caught my attention. At first I was totally
thrown off, I mean, no one has ever spent so much time ripping
apart my words to find their meaning. Not even I do that. However,  
the dark pit I had slipped into became abruptly brilliant with the light
of his insight and he tugged me a safe distance away from the horizon
of my own self destruction. What he does reaches far beyond the realm
of human capability. He is truly, self deemed and I completely acknowlege,
a protector of that which deserves being cherished and saved. I admire
him beyond words.

Personal favorites:


This wonderfully twisted mind is akin to my own, at least that's
how I feel. Her words tend to be so very straight forward, short,
yet she crams a precise point into them more often than not.
I am inspired by her darkness and her ability to weave webs
with her words. What I'd describe as blunt force trauma to my
mind after reading her poetry, and it's one of the best experiences
I've ever had. I don't tend to read poetry or literature in general by
other deviants but this is one writer I am deeply pleased to
indulge in.

Personal Favorites:
My Demon My Demon My Demon My KinYou I will take care
Your skin I shall repair
Make you beautiful again
For my wonderful demon
Snip snip cut your hair
You have the beauty so rare
Your fingernails I shall trim
Fill the blood cup to the rim
And pour it on your chest
There ain't no rest
For the likes of me
My demon my demon
My demon my kin
I love my demon so
Take me below
Here's your present
It was only meant
For you and no other
You're my brother
My demon my demon
My demon my kin
Warmth Within My SoulTake care of this bloody debris
Made by only me
Hang their bodies on trees
Let them blow in the breeze
Warning to all
That everyone will fall
Under my lust
For having blood is a must
For your sake
You must make
Haste to the safe side of the boarder
This land is colder
Colder than my soul
For it carries warmth
Warmth of fresh blood seeping through


With an imagination possibly more active than my own I find
myself smiling ear to ear while visiting her gallery. Sure, most
people probably won't see what I see when I'm there but for me
her gallery is a whimsical place full of story and narrative based
upon a fixed range of characters. Not only is she brilliant, she
can make me smile just seconds after messaging me. Her
literary works have really surprised me and I feel honored
to be gifted with her wit and charm so often.

Personal Favorites:
White as snow by Sisilia17 Enough of beauty, there is a warrior inside by Sisilia17
TranslationRed Threads (Translation of "rote Fäden")
For this one night
Be on the watch
Be on your guard
because your demon no longer rests.
For this one night
I woke up
I do not sneak up on you
scurry around your bed
so that no one could save you
I wait for you.
I know you'll come over
Wash over me like waves over the shore
In this one night
Your gaze spins red threads
you see me
And I see you
You grab the yarn
So well done
You build a net
Let out your greed.
In this one night
I am not defensive.
it was my duty!
I'll play along
and you'll bind me.
In this one night
your red thread will cut me in half
Dipp my heart in twilight
Pull it tight around my neck,
you will not regret it!
In t-this o-one night
silences my heart
Finally silence in my head!
I'm ready for that endless torment
thorn drilling
into my flesh
I'm so hot!
I can feel the blood.
It's fine like this.
Should I cry, should I scream?
No, because you'll leave your redeeming sign on me.


A few more deviants that inspire me to express myself
and share myself in ways I didn't think I wanted to. I enjoy their
work and talent to extremes.


Thanks for continually inspiring me to crawl from my cave once in a while.
Don't be hurt if your icon isn't here, it doesn't mean that I watch you (or you
watch me) for no reason. There are far too many people I watch to list
them all. Anyone could open the list of arists I watch and most of them
would be inspiring in one way or another.
These artists, however, are the sore thumbs in my mind and heart.
These artists paint with words and images new planes upon my
existence. These are people I think of when I think about dA and
how long I've been here.


If you have any questions, need any tips, or have any requests feel free to ask.
I'd like to consider myself one of the few artists who attempts to comment
back to any and all messages I get.

Follow me on Twitter?

See below Scroll boxes for
 'Commissions' and 'Resources'


I am open to commissions. Note me if you think I can assist you.


Water Drops
Spiders and their Webs
Cracks 1 & 2
Clouds and Stars
Butterfly Wings
All things that Glow

-RULES- 1. Must link
back to me in your description (ie.
no spaces : icon ttbloodlusttt :. 2. May
NOT be used in commercial work. 3.May be
used in PRINTS on deviantart. 4. Please
respect my request! Enjoy!

I do not require any specific
credits for gradients other than an
icon link to me. I just want other
people to know where the gradients
came from. If you want to note me
with use of these gradients, I would
LOVE to see your work and +FAV it!

Fractal Gradients 1

Wing PSD

Feel free to add me to friends,
I always love to chat and meet
new people, answer questions and give
Tutorials- these are a bit
outdated but feel free to take a look!

Image Size and Clarity
Color to Black and White
Ptained Hair
Wing Depth
Lip Lustre


Favorite Stock Resources
Stock Exchange

Nightelf digi painting


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